Our Activities

LMNTS Ministry Series

LMNTS (pronounced “elements”) stands for life, ministry, nourishment, truth, and service. This is a large group time to come together with other Christian students in the middle of the week to study crucial truths found in the word of God. 

The location for LMNTS this semester is listed below:

Date Time Room
Wednesdays 1PM-2PM NRTH 1533 (North Classrooms 1533)

Contact us about joining LMNTS.

Bible Reading

Our club is a club that reads the Bible regularly, and we have a schedule for reading through the Bible together. Here’s how you can join us to read the Bible together.

Semi-Annual Retreats

We hold two retreats each year in the spring and the fall. If you are interested or have questions, please contact us!

Meet Up/Dinner at a Home

There are Christian homes in the area that are open to having students from this club over for dinner, or to just to spend time together.

These times in a home can be to read the Word of God, praise, and worship. They can also simply be a time to decompress from the week in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether seeking the Lord Jesus, studying, eating or relaxing, students can feel at home. For many students, this is the highlight of their week.

If you have any questions or would like to attend, please contact us!


During the week according to what fits your schedule:

Small group clusters are perhaps our favorite activity. Two to four students gather once or several times a week for fellowship, reading the Word, speaking the gospel to students, and prayer. The small size of these gatherings permits mutual care on a personal level and real encouragement to continue abiding in the Lord in the midst of all our busy schedules.  These can be arranged to fit your schedule. Follow along with the club Bible reading schedule in the Partaker app!